We are open opportunities for millennial generation who truly aspire to achieve their goals and dreams.
Our company is open to provide learning opportunities to develop themselves. Through high discipline, we believe everyone has the own potential and extraordinary


WILLINTON (PTWC) is looking for fresh graduates who are highly motivated to take part in our 'GROW TOGETHER' program in order to develop future leaders of the company to face a competitive business environment.

Qualifications :
01. Male or Female
02. Fresh graduate from any college, polytechnic, or university
03. Strong interest to work in a team.
04. Good Team Player, Achievement Orientation
05. Energetic and Willing to Work in Flexible Hours.
06. Good interpersonal and Communication Skill
07. Good looking, attractive, neat and polite
08. Willing to take a business trip / trip (out of town & overseas)

If you meet the qualifications above, Please submit your complete Application and upload to :



JL. Yos Sudarso, Complex Union Industrial Park Block G No. 11 & 12, Batu Ampar Kepulauan Riau – INDONESIA

+62 778 743 0008
+62 778 743 0009

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